Making A Difference


pcqg charity quiltAs a quilter there are so many ways to bring joy to others. This week I was fortunate to participate in the Parker County Quilt Guild Comfort Quilt project.  Throughout the year, volunteers piece quilts from donated fabrics and guild members are invited to quilt the layers together. I usually do Custom quilting and this project gave me a chance to remember how much fun it is to do an open, edge-to-edge pantograph.

A big “THANKS” to my mentor, Sue Needle, for supplying me with many new pantograph patterns after the fire turned mine to ashes.

Here’s a close-up of the quilting on this 58″ x 90″ quilt that will soon be donated to someone to enjoy.

Snow at Kinsey Quilts

snow dayThe wonderful thing about living in Texas is that it is much warmer than many other places north of here. It takes old man Winter until January or February to get this far south, and when it does snow and ice, it doesn’t last long. Here’s a photo of the Kinsey Quilts monolithic dome with snow taken a couple of days ago. Of course, it was in the 40’s today and it’s all gone now, but we’re expecting a mini storm on Monday and Tuesday of this week- so I’ll be staying in and sewing.

What is your favorite quilting/sewing activity on a snow day? Do you start something new? Curl up in your favorite chair with hot cocoa or hot tea and surf the web for quilting sites? Do you watch inspiring You-Tube videos? Work on UFO’s?

I’m going to get a warm cup of peppermint tea and I’ll be watching for your replies. Stay warm and happy quilting.

Kinsey Quilts is All New

Welcome to Gone to Pieces, my daily breather from the blizzard of fabric bits in my quilting/sewing studio.

2014 is going to be a wonderful year for Kinsey Quilts. In 2013 a fire destroyed my business. I am happy to announce that the rebuilding is nearly complete. I am waiting for my new light fixtures for the longarm frame and I still have to add the decorative trim around the windows. I resumed client work in December and I am very happy to be back to work. I’m planning a “Grand ReOpening” in late Spring or early Summer.

The newest thing here at Kinsey Quilts is this blog- and the “Coming Soon” website. I am a complete Social Media Newbie- what I don’t know about Facebook, Twitter, and Websites could fill a black hole, so I beg your indulgence as I enter this wild and wacky web and learn by doing. If any of you have any tips or helpful hints, please send me a comment. A few days ago I got a Twitter account. I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to do with it, but I’m following a bunch of interesting people. I also have boards on Pinterest. I’m not entirely sure how that works either, but I’m having fun collecting images.

I hope to learn how to upload images soon (not bad for someone who doesn’t own a camera except for the one on my cell phone) so the site will be a lot more visually interesting.

In the meantime, there are quilts to piece and pieced projects to quilt and stitches to hand embroider.
Wishing you joy!