Better Cutting with AccuQuilt GO!

This week I am working on a quilt for a client that requires 8 different fabrics 45″ long by width of fabric. Each fabric will be cut into 15 strips 2.5 inches wide by 45″. That’s 120 strips! Cutting this by hand would take a very long time, so I’m using my AccuQuilt GO strip cutter. (I have no affiliations with AccuQuilt GO or anyone at the company. I just like the product.)

If any of you have ever cut strips with the GO, you know that you can get a kink in the fabric at the fold if the fabric is not positioned exactly.

Here’s a photo of the fabric when it looked to the eye that it was placed correctly. When I placed my Helix T-square (no affiliation) securely against the edge of the cutting plate, you can see that it is not aligned.

AccuQuilt Go Cutting 1

I just moved the fabric a little so the fold lined up exactly with the edge of the ruler. I now have my strips all cut perfectly. I hope this idea helps you.  Just make sure you hold the T-square securely against the cutter so the ruler is perpendicular to the cutter. The second photo shows proper fabric alignment.

AccuQuilt Go  Cutting 4


If you have any tips or tricks for using

your AccuQuilt GO!, please leave a

comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Well, I’m off to the Dallas Quilt

Show tomorrow-

Sew many quilts…Sew little time!




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