Quilting-Sewing Room Clean Up

Can you tell I’ve been working this week?  Cluttered Cutting TableCreative Clutter may be better than Idle Neatness, but my table is 6 feet by 4 feet- that’s 24 square feet, buried with at least a foot deep of mess. It’s Friday night and Saturday is National Quilting Day. I need to find my cutting table! (I also need to figure out how to word wrap around a photo- if anybody knows how to do this in WordPress, please send me an email. I need all the help I can get 🙂   But… I digress.

Part of the mess you see is leftover scraps. I keep the pieces that are larger than 3/4 inch or 2 cm wide. Some people think I should throw away these little bits, but if you stick around for future blog postings, you’ll see some projects I made from these small pieces.  However, until they are needed, I have to keep my stash organized and accessible. I hope this gives you an idea you find helpful.

I use old greeting cards because I can place the really small or odd shaped pieces inside.Little Scraps inside card

And wrap strips around the outside.Wrap fabrics around outside

I store the wrapped cards by color  in plastic food containers that would normally go in the recycle bin. Store in a plastic bin







Just looking at my organized strips and clean table inspires me to get busy on the next project. It’s also easier to work because I found, buried in mess, my scissors, 6″ square ruler, seam ripper, rotary cutter, tweezers, a box of facial tissues, my Frixion pen, and the sample labels I’ve been working on. It’s like an archaeological dig! But it’s done and I’m ready for National Quilting Day….actually, at Kinsey Quilts, every day is quilting day.Clean Table

Wishing you joyful stitches.


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