Safety First- Rotary Cutter Tips

I’m working on a king size quilt for a client. Here’s the photo of the triangle I will be cutting- I need 100 triangles!Strip Set and Triangle ruler My strip set is 10 yards long, so it is not practical to turn the fabric while cutting. However, EVERY rotary cutter manufacturer will tell you NEVER cut toward you. If you watch the video classes of people using these triangle rulers, nearly everyone cuts toward themselves- saying “Now, be careful.”

Well, back in 1994, I was being careful when the cutter jumped the ruler and sliced off the end of my finger. Since then, I’ve acquired safer tools.


Finger Guard with True GripsThe easiest way to prevent accidents, even if you do cut toward yourself, is to get a ruler guard. Here’s a photo. It’s an “L” shaped piece of plastic. I placed TrueGrips on the bottom of one side and set it on the ruler. The TrueGrips keep the guard from slipping while allowing you to pick up the guard and move it where you need it. Finger Guard on Ruler




Everyone has a favorite rotary cutter. Me too! The Martelli company makes a right hand and left hand rotary cutter,  ergonomically designed to prevent carpal tunnel and other wrist injury. It is comfortable to use and because it fits your hand, it allows you to get an accurate cut.

Left side triangle cut“I’m right handed,” you say, “so why would I want a left handed cutter?”

Safety- Instead of running a right handed cutter towards me, I use my left handed cutter in the safer, correct direction. That’s why I have both rotary cutters. It was the best investment I ever made.

Just so you know, I am not affiliated with any of the products I talk about. I receive no endorsements of any kind. I like to know what other people use and when I find a tool that helps me, I share that info.  The link to the Martelli website is provided at the end of this article if you are interested.

Wishing you safe and happy stitching. I’ve got to go cut some more pieces. 🙂right hand rotary cutter on triangle

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