Thanksgiving Art

I am deeply grateful for the many blessings bestowed on us here at Kinsey Quilts. I have met wonderful quilters, teachers, fellow shopkeepers, and artists. I hope to always have a free project for you at Thanksgiving and this year I am happy to share my drawing of a Thanksgiving basket. You are encouraged to use the copyrighted design for personal use- as a coloring page, an applique or embroidery pattern, or even as a quilt design. I’d love to see whatever you do with the design, so please email photos of your project and I will try to post them here and on Pinterest.  I’m hoping to color the design on fabric and turn it into an apron.

Thanksgiving Art B&W DMJK 2015

I hope you enjoy these designs. Use the black and white for tracing onto your project. I hope the colored sample will inspire you. Wishing you joy during this festive season and always.

May your seams be straight and your project completed.

Kindest regards,

Donna MJ Kinsey

Thanksgiving Art colored