Tangling In The Round- Zendala Basics


I had another trio of enthusiastic tanglers at Kinsey Quilts today.

Here are the Zendala tiles they made.  Zendala Basics group 2

We learned 10 tangles and then everyone chose their favorites, making each tile uniquely beautiful. Great job everyone and thanks for sharing your talent, inspiration, and creative interpretation of these tangles.   As always, thanks for taking my class.



Stitched with Love

Wilda Sanders text 3

This week I was truly blessed. Not only am I well enough to work again, but I was trusted with  a hand pieced, hand embroidered quilt that Wilda made for her niece, Gina.

Wilda Sanders top 2This wonderful memory quilt is made with pieces from clothing; t-shirts, blue jeans, dress fabrics, even some furry pieces.

Wilda top 4Wilda Sanders text 1








The borders are made from an old sheet and are lovingly hand embroidered with heartfelt quotations and names of favorite authors.

When you touch this quilt, you can feel the love that Wilda poured into every stitch. Here’s a photo of the back. Wilda back

Wilda Sanders text 2Congratulations to Wilda and thank you for trusting me with the quilting.