October in the Forest

With over 4 acres of forest, my sister’s new home is a wonderful retreat from the noise and bustle of the city where they once lived. The property is peaceful and serene- the perfect place to inspire Zentangle. I took many photos of the plants, in preparation for the Zentangle Botanicals class. When you look closely, you realize that, like a Zentangle, no two leaves are exactly alike, even on the same plant. The variety of leaf shapes, leaf edging, and color is exciting. Today’s post focuses on  leaf shapes. Harvest is a wonderful time of the year to make seasonal cards and gifts featuring tangled botanical inspirations. I would love to see your tangled interpretations. Thanks for sharing.

spiky-leaves berries fronds-forest gone-to-seed striped-leaves long-serrated-leaves 5-leaf-vine round-leaves

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