Are You Going to Scarborough Faire?

This 93″ x 94″ quilt commemorates many years of participation in the Scarborough Renaissance Festival Performing Company.



Jacobs4 Jacobs5

Doug has portrayed the charming Sir Jamison Rooke, Lord High Mayor, Baron of Scarborough, Steward of York, so gracefully and with such powerful presence that his character’s history has been woven into the very fabric of the village faire.

The shield block was developed from this photo of the front gate whereScarby-Front-Gate-with-Rook-Shield the Rooke shield still contributes to the ambiance of the faire, inviting guests to “Step back in Time” and “Prepare Thyself for Merriment.”


To honor the Rooke, I developed a rook design for quilting the borders and sashing. All quilting is hand-guided (no computers) without marking the quilt. Jacobs2 Jacobs3