Treasured Family Heirloom

Great Granny Savannah Glass Amos of Lenoir, TN hand pieced this quilt from the fabric she used to make clothing for her children and grandchildren. This quilt was stored in a closet for many years and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to quilt it, allowing my client and her family to enjoy a treasured heirloom that will be passed down for generations to come. Some of the fabrics look like they came from flour sacks, and though I am no expert, I would date this quilt late 1940’s-early 1950’s based on the prints. This is the photo before quilting.

I used a hand-guided longarm to quilt 404,228 stitches on this antique 4-patch top. The muslin borders are quilted with hispid greenbriar leaves and the squares are quilted with a traditional orange peel design. I used Bamboo Blend batting.

The quilt measures 68″ x 84″. It is backed with a 100% cotton Moda fabric which complements the antique look of the quilt.  If you have an heirloom in a box in the attic or under the bed, and want to see it finished, please contact me: I also have some experience with restoration of stained quilt tops.



Are You Going to Scarborough Faire?

This 93″ x 94″ quilt commemorates many years of participation in the Scarborough Renaissance Festival Performing Company.



Jacobs4 Jacobs5

Doug has portrayed the charming Sir Jamison Rooke, Lord High Mayor, Baron of Scarborough, Steward of York, so gracefully and with such powerful presence that his character’s history has been woven into the very fabric of the village faire.

The shield block was developed from this photo of the front gate whereScarby-Front-Gate-with-Rook-Shield the Rooke shield still contributes to the ambiance of the faire, inviting guests to “Step back in Time” and “Prepare Thyself for Merriment.”


To honor the Rooke, I developed a rook design for quilting the borders and sashing. All quilting is hand-guided (no computers) without marking the quilt. Jacobs2 Jacobs3

Zentangle Stocking Card Class –Free at the Library

red-stocking-card-302aGreetings Tanglers. The Weatherford Public Library is graciously funding free kits to make the stocking card. Glue sticks and colored pencils will be provided by the library for your use during class.

Class meets on Monday evening, Dec 12  6pm-7:30 and Tuesday afternoon from 2 pm-3:30.  You must contact me to sign up so a kit can be prepared for you. Tell me what class you are signing up for and choose ONE color: red, blue, or green. Class is limited to 15 students per class so sign up as soon as possible to guarantee a

You may sign up for both, if there is room. For example, you may make the red card on Monday night and the blue one on Tuesday.

Contact Donna 214-763-9953 or email:

Thanks to the Weatherford Library for sponsoring this blue-stocking-card-302aprogram.

Hope to see you there.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Stocking Card Class 302A – Learn 2 New Tangles: Eaxy & Xin

These stockings show 3 different decorating possibilities- patchwork, Hollibaugh, and stripes. You also have different options for the top of the stocking. Of course, these are only to inspire you. We will learn 2 new tangles- Xin and Eaxy. You are encouraged to use your favorite tangles. Because these are teaching samples, I wrote the names of the tangles used. Email: if you are interested in taking the class or purchasing a kit. Card class including kit and sales tax: $5.

I also have kits ready for the notebook cover class- $10.
red-stocking-card-302a blue-stocking-card-302a green-stocking-card-302a